SUSE Linux Enterprise Server


Includes APIs and services that make it possible to write applications that can work with the widest range of architectures, servers, storage and network options available. This approach allows SLES to adapt to any operating environment and enables smooth workload migrations between them.

Security and Compliance

SUSE engineers promptly react to security incidents, and deliver premium quality security updates. The configuration, auditing and automation features of SUSE Manager make it easy to ensure compliance with internal security policies and external regulations.

Business Continuity

SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension, geo-clustering, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching improves business continuity and saves costs by reducing downtime, increasing service availability and enhancing security and compliance.


Each SUSE Linux Enterprise Server subscription includes support for the leading hypervisor technologies and cloud platforms. Maximize your flexibility and lower costs without sacrificing performance, security or reliability.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for POWER

Increase reliability of mission-critical applications

Keep business services running with the ability to configure shared resource pools to control resource allocation of CPU, memory and I/O. Maximize utilization of hardware resources with memory error recovery and memory sharing ensure applications have sufficient capacity during unexpected spikes in demand.

Instantly access business data

Maximize IBM POWER (ppc64le) processor performance with support for Simultaneous Multi-threading (SMT8) across the full range of IBM systems and OpenPOWER Abstraction Layer (OPAL) systems.

Increase system I/O performance

Reduce latency through wire-speed messaging to fast I/O storage systems with OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED). Enforce quality of service with SR-IOV IBM vNIC shared adapter support available with IBM PowerVM, reducing the CPU load and increasing system I/O performance.

Configure Power Systems server filesystems faster

Customize System Roles templates that are specific to the primary function of each server. These predefined installation pattern templates could be for a variety of configurations including database servers, virtualization host/guest configurations, or for installation options.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications

Ensure compliance with HA/DR requirements

Reduce downtime with the flexibility to configure and deploy a choice of multiple HA/DR scenarios for SAP HANA and NetWeaver-based applications. Supports the latest enqueue failover and recovery options, Relax and Recover (ReaR) on all platforms and early recognition of primary system failures.

Reduce time to install and configure SAP landscapes

Get consistent, repeatable results with deployment automation to quickly set up a full SAP S/4HANA software stack with high availability, for single node and clustered configurations on premise or in the cloud.

Proactively identify system issues

Reduce risk of failures with built-in monitoring of on premise servers, cloud instances exported to SAP-specific operational dashboards in SUSE Manager or integrate with other popular observability tools.

Improve effectiveness of troubleshooting SAP HANA System Replication

System Replication tooling extracts attributes from an hb_report archive and creates HTML page sequences which allows you to visualize and validate cluster decisions and replay transitions.

SUSE Manager

Easy onboarding and deployment of Linux devices at scale

Decide how many Linux systems you need and what you need them for, and SUSE Manager does the rest. Admins can build their own ISO images for bare metal, containers or VMs, using AutoYaST or Kickstart. Scale to 100,000s of nodes no matter where they are located from edge to data center to cloud.

Automated software updates and patches

Allows you to automate software updates and patches for whole systems or individual packages. A powerful security system guarantees that every package is centrally authorized. You can schedule and execute multiple software updates using one command.

Enterprise-grade Security & Auditing

Protect your systems by proactively managing vulnerabilities through automatic, system-wide configuration and vulnerability scans, using either CVE lists or the OpenSCAP protocol. Audit your systems whether IoT edge devices, containerized workloads, Kubernetes clusters, traditional bare-metal servers or virtual machines

Regain control of Retail POS devices

Reduce complexity while increasing flexibility and regaining control of your POS devices and image building with simplified management and control. Enables flexibility of hardware choice with a broad range of supported hardware types, providing improved flexibility, choice and vendor independence.

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