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1 Million Website Hits in 30 days
Do you have a Great Website, but no one to See it? Do you own more than one domain and want to Get Instant Traffic for your website in less than 5 minutes?

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Our Goal is to give our customers Targeted Traffic. As soon as you publish your site(s), watch your page ranking grow, get more daily visitors and repeat customers that see your site 24/7 365 days a year..

By using 1 million web hits you will be given "REAL STATS". Plus, a weekly report is sent to your email on site traffic stats (hits) with your id number embedded on every site for precise tracking, stats, and credits.

Resell your own Traffic at your own price. You can sell from hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands.. It's up to you on how to distribute your credits.

What if you sell a $25 product and get 1 MILLION HITS: With only .0015% response rate, (or 15 sales) you make $375.00! With only .015% response rate (or 150 sales) you make $3750.00!

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10-30am ClickFree system
ClickFree computing interface. Activate or start any program, go to any place of Internet's virtual world, shut down computer, minimize all windows to clear desktop, lock the screen from unauthorized views... All these and a lot more - without search, without clicks and immediately when you need it! Freely customizable, extrimely soft to use. The 10-30am ClickFree system - Generation Two, Full realize for Windows 95/98.

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3D Merry Christmas tunnels ScreenSaver
Want to get something special to decorate your Christmas and get prepared for the real feast? 3D Merry Christmas Tunnels screensaver is created to enchant you and inspirit to make something really peculiar. Make the coming Christmas unforgettable with this screensaver!

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3D Tray Clock Ex.
3D Tray Clock Ex. is the advanced replacement for standard Windows tray clock with 3D looks, Desktop clock, Calendar integrated. It also has different alarms to alert important events. 1. Can replace system tray clock with visual skins, show date and time together with different style skins. 2. You can add reminder easily, Once or Recycle type. 3. Fast to call todolist edit window to view and write down what you will do in future. 4. Can define clock alarm sound and alarm at Quart? Half hour? One Hour? 5. Beautiful, 3D looks, powerful functions, run with win2000/winxp/vista. 6. Integrated Desktop clock with many changeable skins. 7. Integrated Calendar with many changeable skins.

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