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"FAMILY SOFTWARE, A Genealogy System," by "FAMware, Computer Software for the Family," for Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP.

The hallmark of FAMILY SOFTWARE is its "myriad of wonderful reports". Reports have a professional look, attractive layouts, use various sizes of true type fonts, can be printed portrait or landscape, and are packed with useful information:

Pedigree Charts (Photo Pedigree Chart, 4 Generation Pedigree Chart, 5 Generation Pedigree Chart, 6 Generation Pedigree Chart),

Family Group Sheets (Family Group Sheet, Family Facts Sheet, Extended Family, Family Group Record, Photo Family Group Sheet, Family Photo),

Ancestor Listings (By-Generation Ancestor Listing, Ahnentafel Listing),

Descendant Listings (By-Generation Descendant Listing, By-Family Descendant Listing, Direct Line Descendant Listing),

Database Listings (Key Index, Horizontal Listing, Vertical Listing),

Individuals (Individual Data Sheet),

Special Reports (Address Labels, Birthdays, Marriage Anniversaries, LifeSpan, Missing Data, Statistics, Photo Album, Bio-Sketch, Residences, Education, Employment).

Easy to use dialog boxes, controls and features are provided for entering data into your genealogical databases. (Plenty of notes, comments, and free-form text capabilities.)

Link relatives together automatically when you enter names on the Person-Family or Person-Ancestor link windows.

Yes, FAMILY SOFTWARE is GEDCOM compatible !!


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Fertilax is an application that enables you to calculate your most fertile days. Enter the date of the first day of your last period, and the average number of days from this date to the first day of your next period. Then press NEXT and find out your most fertile days for the chosen month. Please, pay attention that the calculation is only approximate. For more details, please consult your doctor.
You have to install the MIDP Java Profile on your Palm before running this application. It can be downloaded from sun for free at http://java.sun.com/products/midp4palm/

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Kinship Archivist
Display your family tree on the Internet with Kinship Archivist. The program attempts to provide a user-friendly method for entering and changing complex genealogical relationships and information. Additionally, the program allows for importing/exporting of the GEDCOM standard v.5.5 files and allows for exporting of the Web pages (HTML files) that are used on the Internet.
Each family member has their own Web page, and genealogical information is linked between pages. When these pages are placed on the World Wide Web, information can be shared with other family members or genealogists. Web surfers or family members can provide feed-back by selecting the EDIT button found at the bottom of each web page to submit special e-mail. When this e-mail is received, the program user can easily update his/her records with the web surfer's new information.

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The Complete Genealogy Builder
The Complete Genealogy Builder is a GEDCOM standard-compliant genealogy data management product, supporting the full repertoire of available data types. Whether you are starting from scratch, or wish to transfer you existing data to The Complete Genealogy Builder, you will enjoy a rich user-interface with maximum navigability and ease of adding information via a logical cascading forms structure. The Complete Genealogy Builder supports additional capabilities, such as "image cutouts", which are provided by some other programs. GEDCOM files containing these types of data will be imported and exported accordingly by The Complete Genealogy Builder.

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