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Address & Phone Book Pro
Address & Phone Book is a 32-bit application that lets you enter names, postal and email addresses, phone numbers, and photos of your friends, family, and associates. You'll also find fields for birthdays and remarks. Alphabetical tabs help you to quickly find the information you need. Other features allow you to print envelopes, Avery Labels, Day Runner(R) pages and the entire Phone Book, dial phone numbers, and open WordPad or another word processor. This shareware version will display only .bmp images; the registered edition will display .gif, .wmf, .ico, and .jpg images. Other functions (such as printing) are also disabled. New features with this update include: Printing addresses on Avery Labels has been added. Printing Day Runner(R) pages has been added. New envelope printing options have been added for envelope feed trays. Printing the address book is better organized on the Hard Copy. You can export your address book with E-Mail to your friends. Photos loaded into the book now have a preview window. Program now remembers last position the window was open and opens in that position. Minor bugs have been fixed.

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AssetManage Home Edition
Use AssetManage Home to inventory your home or home business. Attach images, files and URLs to your records. Easily track changes in Status or Location. Our unique View interface makes it easy to track assets by Purchase Month, Color, Status and more.
Each asset has an associated 'Item Notebook' where you can track repairs and other expenses related to an asset.
Warranty information can be recorded for each asset, you can then check to see which warranties are due to expire in the time frame you specify. An affordable
solution for small businesses, sole proprietorships and non-profit organizations.

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This incredible, easy and handful baby, really rocks. You can create and edit your books. Also check your books for category. Exchange data with other Palms with the amazing Beam button. Collect the books that you borrow and let you install an alarm as a reminder. So, you won't get any other application like this one.

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CollegeBAR Registration and CDROM
Mixed drink program that contains over 11,600 drinks with more being added every day. Can automatically add hundreds of new drinks using online update feature. CollegeBAR was created to create a user interface that is easy to use and is customizable to the exact user needs. CollegeBAR has the ability to change the background, text, and titles. Your own pictures can be added which display in sequence. Can compute your blood alcohol level.

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