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3dBody.Net 3.0
3dBody.Net3.0 is a 3d interactive digital anatomy software.3dBody attempt to reconstruct the human body 3-dimensionally so as to easily peruse the complex details and the relations of its parts .Each and every structure in the human body is digitally sculpted and deployed in its true anatomical positions , based on CTs,MRIs,real time dissections and authentic text books. ...... A fully navigable and delightfully user-friendly 3d environment lets the user cruise amongst the rich details of the body. Click any object with the mouse ,the name of the object is immediately displayed.Every structure can be rotated ,hidden ,zoomed and made transparent. ...... 3dBody is a scientifically accurate and artistically perfect 3D rendering of the human body. It is a software designed for assisting the study,teaching and research on human anatomy. ...... "3dBody would be a substitute for cadavers in medical colleges soon" ...... The 3dBody Features: ◇Complete, fully interactive, 3D human anatomy model,Easy-to-use, 3D controls ◇Detailed models of all body systems ◇The green software, runs automatically, and,takes little space , 12M only ,multum in parvo ◇Every structure can be rotated ,hidden ,zoomed and made transparent ◇Get the pick of random 3D image combination ◇Save the current human anatomy image by all kinds of size for your further studies, explanation, printing, and so on

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Albrecht Durer Art
Buy 120 art works for your desktop! Albrecht Durer, a famous German painter of Northern Renaissance. His altar paintings and devotional pictures have been subject to extensive analysis and interpretation. The quality and wide range of his works and themes, both in terms of content and formal aspects, are astonishing. The 38.3 MB art pack includes 120 museum quality images for your desktop. You'll be given a link to download the art pack and a personal activation key to unlock the pack. You can purchase the Art DVD as well, which includes all of the MoodBook art packs.

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atlas - modern differential geometry for Maple
The atlas package is powerful Maple toolbox which allows you to do any differential geometry calculation using one and the same simple computational scheme, it means that the computational process is highly automated and you can concentrate your efforts on the problem not on the programming.
For low dimensional (2D and 3D) problems the package provide atlas 2D/3D Wizard - a Maplet tool which generates corresponding atlas package code and allows you to formulate and solve such a problem in some seconds. This makes the package an ideal tool for teaching and learning of corresponding differential geometry courses.
The package allows you to do some differential geometry calculations with symbolic dimension, all results are given in standard mathematical notations and all calculations are as coordinate free as possible.
The unique quality of the package is its ability to work with manifolds and mappings. With atlas package you can define N-dimensional manifold as a set of charts and mappings (an atlas on the manifold) and then do any calculations on defined charts; transform tensor fields, p-forms etc. from one chart into another and so on, in other words it allows you to work with a manifold geometry as a whole

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Bergmans IQ tests
3 Iq tests similar to Mensa's IQ test. Solutions and a Helper to solve Mensa problems is also included. The package will improve your ability to solve Mensa problems. It has shown that a person who takes the iq test for Mensa entrance twice often has a better result at the second time. Up to 20 units more (for example from 112 to 132). It has been explained with that they by then are used to the test situation and the nature of the problems. As these tests are made very equal to Mensa's iq test I hope you will get used to it so you can come closer to your top result at the first time.

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