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24 Styles of Tai Ji Quan
Video Course.

Tai Ji Quan originated from ancient China. Nowadays, it is practiced as an exercise for health.

It is suitable for almost anyone. It is easy to learn for health improvement. It has gentle and circular movements. It integrates the body and mind. It has many different forms. It is enjoyable to practice. It is known in China for centuries to be effective for arthritis.

Focus on correct posture and breathing control, Taiji's movements are regular, graceful and well balanced, promoting the complete harmony of body and mental activities. Taiji provides the mental relaxation and physical fitness.

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3 Cases Study Through TCM Classic
Video Course with synchronized Slides and TOC

One of representative of case study lecture, it will bring you more significant clinical experience and excellent way of thinking when you practice in herb therapy.

This case study through classic is a very interesting lecture. It includes three clinical complex cases, the first one is skin rash, the second one is stomach upset, and the third one is fatigue. The diagnosis of these cases are not accordance with the common clinic practice way. And their treatment results become to be very satisfied through Kevins practice. The lecture will show you some extraordinary and innovation thinking as well as flexible using of classic formula and Chinese herbs. Also, more importantly, the lecture embodies the essence in TCM diagnosis and treatment.

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Software that automatically Clicks, Drags Content & Makes You Take Stretch Breaks to Help Relieve Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis & RSI.

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AcuHerb TreatSoft
AcuHerb TreatSoft Version 2.5 is modern clinical and diagnostic soft program that combines multiple computer technique with authoritative knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. The expert system from differentiation, comprehensive acupuncture, ear and herbal prescription, and easy operation offer you great help and interest for your work and study.

Main function of system

1.treatment of commonly clinical diseases including prescriptions of acupoints, earpoints and herbs.
2. expert differentiating system.
3. method to select points, including midday-midnight point selection, etc.
4. management, inquirment, statistics, backup and recovery of patient cases.
5. management, printing of invoice.
6. inquiring of medical knowledge including text and picture. 7. opened database that users can add personal knowledge to it.

System background

1. The medical knowledge based on the advanced textbooks of TCM colleges, combined with modern research.
2. Systematic functions, flexible manipulations.
3. The system includes 361 acupoints, 86 ear points, 48 extra points, 367 herbs, 104 kinds of diseases, 414 symptoms and signs, 259 prescriptions of body points, 104 prescriptions of ear points, 259 herbal prescriptions, 113 pictures, 361 acupoints wave files in Chinese.


IBM PC/486 or higher computer
50MB free HD

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