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About Us

Micrographics is a privately-held company founded in 1994 in New Delhi, India. Micrographics provides corporate clients and business professionals around the world with an expanding portfolio of award-winning solutions. With sales offices in New Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and covering India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and other neighboring countries, the business model has achieved great success. As a vital link in the technology value chain, Micrographics creates sales and profitability opportunities for vendors and resellers through unique marketing programs, services, technical support, and product distribution. There are thousands of customers from various industries in our database, including Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies, research & development centers, educational institutions, etc. Micrographics was awarded the "Gold Award" by CRN Magazine under "Best VAR -- Enterprise Software".

MicroGraphics, is pioneer in marketing and supporting leading Application Development Programs, Administration and Management Tools. Among our assets, we enjoy strategic partnerships with Acresso®, Techsmith®, MKS®, GlobalScape®, FarStone®, Datawatch®, Altova®, IDM®, DataDynamics®, Diskeeper®, Nevron®, GFI®, Intel®, MadCap®, Multilizer®, Simtec®, SlickEdit®, SoftwareFX®, SoftwareShelf®, RARLabs®, Parallels®, SoftwareVerify®, Sparx®, Steema®, Swishzone®, Telerik®, Xceed®, Xara®, XMetal®, YesSoftware®, etc.