Mobile Learning Management System

Learn at Your Convenience

Take part in the learning process from anywhere you like, at a time and place that suits you. Your students now have no excuse not to make progress!

Blended Learning

Combine traditional instructor-led training with m-learning to offer learning paths that really engage with the student and give him or her a certain degree of control over where and when they learn.

Learning Across Various Devices

Content and course can be accessed from almost any device, be it laptop, tablet, smartphone or MP3 player. You don’t even have to be online, as data is synced when the device reconnects to the internet.


Easily collaborate across various devices using Paradiso LMS’s integrations to harness the power of MS Office 360, OneDrive, Google Apps and Dropbox, among many others.

Increase Student Engagement

Make the whole learning process more engaging and rewarding for students by giving them the freedom to choose where and how they learn. Combine this with Paradiso Learning Management System’s gamification support and see student engagement flourish.

Social Learning

Thanks to Tin Can API compatibility mobile learning goes hand in hand with social learning, allowing instructors to track and assess progress made through social media and on various devices. Watching a relevant video, attending a webinar or reading an important article all count, and help build a more rounded picture of the learner.


What is SCORM?

SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model, and is a set of technical specifications and standards for producing e-learning content. It is the essentially the language of e-learning content.

What is AICC?

Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee – or AICC – was an international association of technical software developers that disbanded in 2014. They developed AICC HACP which, like SCORM, is a technical standard used for developing eLearning courses. The new version is called CMI-5, and is compatible with Tin Can API.


CMI-5 is a new standard that was being developed by AICC, but is now under the control of Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL). It works on top of Tin Can API, allowing you to send Tin Can statements for any activity you want.

Tin Can API

Tin Can API is the evolution of SCORM, and means there is less reliance on the Learning Management System to gather learning information. Tin Can sends “statements” about what the learner is up to, yielding important data on activities the learner completes, on and offline.

Learning with Tin Can API

Activities can include reading a relevant article, watching a video or attending a conference, as social learning is now just as important as formal learning. Data is sent to an LRS, or Learning Record Store, where it gives a much broader picture of a learner’s progress and their learning process.

LMS Tin Can Integration

A Learning Management System can only collect certain elearner data, such as course completion, progress and achieving certain set goals. With Tin Can you can collect data on almost anything. Depending on the needs of your company, Tin Can API can be built into an eLearning platform so that you get the best of both worlds.

LMS Gamification

Applying game dynamics to your training

Conventional learning can be very boring, when it feels like learning for the sake of it. By employing game mechanics as part of your learning strategy you are injecting fun into the training. This in turn makes the learner more likely to remember what he or she has learned, and less likely to abandon their training.

Enhance your courses with LMS Gamification

Paradiso Solutions understands that gamification can truly enhance the learning experience for elearners as a complement to traditional instructor-led training.

Points system

The points system for gamification in Paradiso LMS can be adapted to give more points to certain behaviors or activities. The points system is tailored to your business objectives and contributes to the leaderboard.


Badges provide a goal for elearners and let them know what can be achieved within the LMS. Instructors can choose their own design and what they want to assign badges to – for example completing a course or a set of games. These badges act as a source of pride and motivation for learners, and can be shared through social tools to increase competition.

LMS Gamification Leaderboards

Leaderboards are a visual way for learners and instructors to track progress across a variety of games, challenges and activities. They allow learners to check their performance against others, fostering competition and pushing them to work harder.

Gamification and Social Learning

Gamification integrates with Paradiso LMS’s social tools so that learners can share their achievements, such as badges and leaderboard ranking. They can also start discussions, work together on joint challenges and send private messages.

eLearning Authoring Tool

Web-based and Code Free

Best Authoring tool elearning, Paradiso Composer can run on any platform and you don’t need to know a thing about coding to make great elearning content.

Easy Import from PowerPoint

PowerPoint integrates with Paradiso Composer, making it extremely easy to import slides from PowerPoint to the elearning authoring tool as a basis for your courses.

Social Tools

The online authoring tool includes various social tools, such as chat, project blogs, comments, RSS feeds and community dashboards so you can view the projects that others are working on.

Reusable Content

Thanks to an object-oriented approach you have even more control over the reusability of your content. Assets, themes, learning objects, widgets and more can be separated and reused.

Rich Environment

Paradiso Composer gives you complete control over how every element in your course behaves, allowing you to customize everything to your specifications.

Task Management

Streamline the course development process by adding tasks to pages, chapters or any other stage of the project. Managers can also get a clear overview of where each team member is up to.

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