ClearSQL Corporate License

$ 2400



Conquest Software Solutions offers an integrated set of professional tools for Oracle database development, analysis, and maintenance.

Conquest tools help streamline the development process, ensure code quality, audit database security, and document legacy code with an unmatched level of detail. Today, Conquest serves thousands of customers, including those on "Fortune 500", in more than 52 countries around the globe.



ClearSQL is an automated code review and quality control tool for Oracle PL/SQL. It is a powerfully-simple application to edit, format, analyze, and review PL/SQL scripts, delivering consistent and clean code structure. With the effective code analyzer at its core, ClearSQL becomes a must-have for successful software development and quality assurance.

Use case

ClearSQL is mainly targeted at companies developing Oracle systems and having corporate policies and standards in programming and testing. Outsourcing development teams can use ClearSQL to explore the software architecture and estimate the share of legacy code. It also helps junior specialists learn programming standards and produce code without loss in quality. The code commenting and illustrating features significantly facilitate coordination between development and business departments.

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