SQLDetective Corporate License

$ 1800



Conquest Software Solutions offers an integrated set of professional tools for Oracle database development, analysis, and maintenance.

Conquest tools help streamline the development process, ensure code quality, audit database security, and document legacy code with an unmatched level of detail. Today, Conquest serves thousands of customers, including those on "Fortune 500", in more than 52 countries around the globe.


All-in-one SQLDetective is an award-winning IDE tool for development, management, and administration of Oracle Databases. The application not only allows creating and working with database objects and stored programs, executes SQL and PL/SQL scripts and debugs them, but also has a built-in analyzer checking code quality and drawing diagrams based on object dependencies. A wide variety of integrated utilities make it possible to control system performance and identify resource-consuming processes. SQLDetective is a multisession and multithreaded tool, which allows working with several databases at a time, with no compromise on the overall performance.

Use case

SQLDetective is a core instrument of a PL/SQL Database Developer and Administrator, equally suitable for juniors and professionals. It allows System Architects to devise and implement an effective development strategy for an enterprise and build up secure computing infrastructure. It also helps work out technical, strategic, and organizational goals and makes sure they are met throughout the development cycle.

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