Nevron Open Vision for .NET Developer License

$ 1269


Nevron Open Vision for .NET is a suite of advanced components for .NET application development under WinForms, WPF, and Xamarin.Mac. All the components in the suite are cross platforms.  

NOV changes how you develop with .NET as with it you can write UI code that runs on Windows and Mac OS X without any modifications. Further NOV provides consistent window-less UI experience that provides fast and efficient management of UI resources, flicker-free, and 4K enabled interfaces.


NOV is not just a suite for portable application development – if you need premium quality UI, Grid, Rich-Text Editor, Charts, Gauges, Diagrams, etc. then look no further as the controls in this suite are a product of our 20+ years of experience in the developments of .NET enabled data visualization and UI interfaces.

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