CoreMelt PaintX Subscription

$ 99

PaintX Documentation

CoreMelt PaintX allows you to create brush strokes tracked to movement in your video and has many uses.  First here is a quick reference guide to the user interface, then we recommend you look at our video tutorials.

User interface overview

Press the “open editor” button after you add PaintX to a clip and the PaintX interface will open the full screen as shown below.  The length of the current shot can be scrubbed using the play controls at the bottom.  Do your paintwork as needed then use the “save changes” button to return to the main FCP X screen with your tracked paint applied to the shot.

PaintX Interface

Guide to tools in the palette

  • Select Tool: use this to transform or move any stroke or layer after it has been created.
  • Pan Tool: use this to move around the image if you are zoomed in (see viewer zoom at top right)
  • Color Brush: paint with a solid color with adjustable size, softness and blend mode
  • Color Adjust Brush: lets you paint on a color correction defined as a difference in hue rotation, luminosity, and saturation from the pixels below it.
  • Blur Brush: paint a blur effect with adjustable blur strength
  • Smear Brush: this has the effect of “stretching” the pixels in the direction of your stroke with adjustable range, similar to a directional blur.
  • Sharpen Brush: Paint a sharpen effect with adjustable sharpen strength.
  • Warp Brush: Use this to drag pixel under the brush in the direction of movement to change the shape of objects.
  • Clone Brush: Hold “alt” key and click to set the clone source, then click and drag to clone from the source area to the area under the brush.  The offset stays constant for each clone stroke but can be changed with each new stroke.
  • Noise Brush: use this to apply a noise texture similar to grain to areas under the brush.
  • Heal Brush: this brush paints the texture from the outside of the brush inwards.  It can be used to very quickly remove moles, spots, blemishes or specks of dust.
  • Erase Brush: use this to erase parts of strokes within the same layer.  Note you can also select any stroke and press delete key to remove the entire stroke.

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