IDM All Access Subscription

$ 99


Text Editing Features
?    Disk based text editing - supports editing of large 4GB+ files, minimum RAM used
?    Configurable tab options (multiple tab stop values, use spaces instead of tabs, etc.
?    Tab/word wrap options based on file type/extension
?    Insert/overstrike mode with caret and status bar indication
i.     Paragraph alignment
ii.    Left, center, right, fill (for fixed pitch fonts)
iii.    Reformat paragraph (cleans up and beautifies text)
?    Line spacing support for single, 1.5 and double spacing
?    Drag-and-drop editing
?    Join line(s) (with optional consolidation of whitespace)
?    Double click (optional Shift modifier) to highlight all occurrences of selected word
?    Line Change Indicator (optional) in margin

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