Appeon Power Builder Professional

$ 895


Visual IDE

Provides a simple, intuitive, and visual-driven IDE to rapidly develop Windows desktop apps with either a client/server or cloud architecture.

.NET Interoperable

PowerScript, the desktop UI programming language, natively interoperates with .NET DLLs, and C# is supported for server-side programming.

Powerful Data Access

DataWindow technology makes data access and manipulation extremely productive, no matter developing desktop UI or C# REST APIs.

REST API-Enabled

DataWindows can be generated with a C# REST API architecture and secured by OAuth. Existing DataWindows can be converted with just a few lines of code.


Deploy as Desktop Cloud Apps with PowerServer, which installs applications to users through a Web browser over the Internet and updates automatically.

What’s New in PowerBuilder

1. UI Theme (Enhanced) - Codelessly modernize your application UI simply by selecting a prebuilt theme or supplying your own. The UI Theme controls the rendering of most visual objects (including custom user objects). It even gives you granular control, defining different styles for a specific instance of a visual object.

2. .NET DLL Importer - Automatically import .NET DLLs and natively invoke them from PowerScript, without any COM wrappers. The .NET DLL Importer automatically generates in PowerScript the class names, functions, and parameters of the .NET DLLs, and it also adds the try-catch statements to handle errors.

3. WebBrowser Control - A new Chromium-based Web browser control is provided, which offers HTML5 compatibility, support for the HTTP/2 protocol, and much stronger security. This control is scheduled to be enhanced with JavaScript integration capability in PowerBuilder 2019 R3.

4. RibbonBar Control - The new RibbonBar control provides application users with a modern and widely-accepted navigation mechanism. You can easily build it with the RibbonBar Builder and manipulate it programmatically in PowerScript.

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