Powerful Secure File Transfer


Cerberus FTP Server supports both FTP with explicit SSL/TLS encryption (FTPES) and implicit SSL/TLS (FTPS), as well as plain FTP.


Cerberus FTP Server supports the SSH2 File Transfer Protocol (also known as SFTP). Administrators can also allow clients to use public key authentication for SFTP connections.

HTTP/S web client

Cerberus FTP Server’s HTTP/S web client capability allows any user with access to a desktop or mobile web browser to easily connect to the server to perform file operations (uploading, downloading, deleting, renaming, creating directories, and zipping and unzipping files and directories).


Cerberus supports the Secure Copy Protocol, a simple secure file transfer protocol that supports basic file uploads and downloads on some legacy devices.

Public/Ad Hoc/Person-to-Person File Sharing

Cerberus FTP Server’s ad-hoc file transfer support allows a user to share unique, time-limited, public links to specific files or folders with any public user.

Ultimate Security

2 Factor Authentication

using HOTP and DUO Security for both HTTP/S web client and web administration users

Client Certificate Verification

via several different configuration options, including our OpenSSL command line tool

SSH2 Public Key Authentication

available in Cerberus FTP Server Professional Edition and above via the User Manager

Password Policy Settings

via our User Policy controls

IP whitelisting and blacklisting

through Cerberus FTP Server’s IP Manager, which includes autoblocking to prevent DoS and brute force attacks

Active Directory FTP Security Groups

Active Directory FTP Security Groups

Complete Server Control

Event Manager for Automation and Notification

Cerberus FTP server provides powerful event notification and automation support that lets you configure email notifications, perform file operation or batch file actions, and carry out operations based off of server events

Full Active Directory Integration

in our Professional and Enterprise editions SOAP control API: to support remote management

SOAP control API

to support remote management

Windows Server Optimization

our native 64-bit software features low memory utilization and full IPv6 support

Transparent Reporting

File Transfer Integrity Checking

Robust file integrity checking using strong checksums based on SHA-512, SHA-256, orSHA-1 cryptographic hashes

Automatic Logging of All Commands and File Access

Cerberus FTP Server provides full audit trails showing who transferred what files to where; how and when they did it; and their transfer and connection statistics

Auditing and Reporting

Cerberus FTP Server’s Report Manager generates detailed reports of client activity based on user names, dates ranges, and file access

SQL Database Capture

Cerberus FTP Server’s Enterprise Edition allows administrators to create detailed connection, login and file transfer reports with enhanced report filtering/ordering by file name, file time stamp, user, date, or host

Streamlined, Flexible Integration and Access Tools

Account Management via Active Directory, LDAP, or Cerberus FTP Server’s user database

including control authentication order priority with Cerberus FTP Server’s authentication chaining and Custom Virtual Directories for individual AD and LDAP users

Synchronization Manager

replicates all users and settings from a master server to any number of backup or clustered servers

Web-Based Secure File Access

Native Mobile HTTP/S Web Client

to support users on the go

Two-Factor Authentication

using any HOTP phone client (Google Authenticator, OTP Auth, Duo, etc.)


By default, Cerberus FTP Server includes multiple pre-built themes. You can also easily create your own custom themes using the popular Bootstrap 3 framework and add a Custom HTTP Logo

Thumbnail Viewing

of images and videos via the web client

Automatic Password Resets

Users can request automatic password resets using email links and security questions (if allowed by the administrator)

Trusted Compliance Tools

FIPS 140-2 Validated

Cerberus FTP Server exceeds industry standards with FIPS 140-2 for governmental data security compliance


provides the necessary access controls to meet compliance regulations like HIPAA

Robust File Retention Policies

via our Folder Monitor feature


The ability to conduct a full audit of all commands and file activity

Industry-Leading Experience

Experienced, US-Based Support

our support team takes pride in working through and resolving every issue our customers raise.

The Best-Reviewed FTP Server on the Market

we’ve earned five star reviews at G2Crowd, Capterra, and more

Straightforward Support Contracts

our support contracts don’t limit requests and full access to every software update

Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with Cerberus FTP Server for any reason, we’ll refund your purchase

Straightforward, No-Nonsense Pricing

We help you control software costs by pricing Cerberus FTP Server at a flat rate regardless of users, connections, or file size.

Discounted licenses for backup, staging and testing environments

Cerberus FTP Server supports disaster recovery and backup environments with discounts for non-production licenses.

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