Power Builder

Automated App Delpoyment

With PowerClient, you can automate the installation and updates of any PowerBuilder client app from any Web server over HTTPS. It eliminates the headaches and costs associated with creating installation programs, deploying apps to users, and keeping apps updated.

Multiple Runtime Versions Compilation

The PowerBuilder IDE can now compile for multiple runtime versions (both minor and major) through the System Options. It enables you to easily maintain multiple projects, easily rollback a runtime version, and get the latest IDE features without affecting runtime.

Apache ECharts Integration

Enrich PowerBuilder with modern interactive charts from Apache ECharts. Visualize your data with new graph styles, such as gauges, heatmap, candlestick, scatter, and funnel. Then quickly drill-down, segment, and filter the chart data.

JavaScript Integration

Go beyond just securely displaying Web content in the embedded Chromium Web Browser. Easily integrate JavaScript with PowerScript, enriching your app with new visual possibilities and JavaScript functionality.

Microsoft UI Automation

Make your PowerBuilder apps accessible and automate processes through the Microsoft UI Automation framework. Simply configure the accessible properties to benefit from automation testing tools, RPA tools, and compliance with accessibility regulations.

Git Branching & Enhancements

Perform complex Git operations from within the PowerBuilder IDE. Easily create & switch branches, merge conflicts, and review detailed error logs, greatly improving your productivity of using Git with your PowerBuilder projects.

New SQL Server Driver

PowerBuilder now provides support for the new OLE DB Driver (MSOLEDBSQL) for SQL Server. Simply modify your connection string and update your runtime DLLs to eliminate the risks of relying on obsolete drivers and strengthen your security with TLS 1.2.



InfoMaker empowers non-techies to easily unlock enterprise data and deliver actionable information that business users are after. There’s no need to wait for software engineers to create inflexible reports that users can’t modify or “drill-down”. Rapidly create sophisticated reports and forms through wizards and point-and-click query construction without memorizing arcane commands — InfoMaker transparently creates any necessary SQL code behind-the-scenes.


InfoMaker supports a broad range of data sources, report types and functions, and file formats. More than 100 pre-built functions are available to utilize in expressions for viewing and modifying data. InfoMaker is so powerful that it could even be used to manage your database, creating tables, views, indexes, and keys, piping data from one database to another, and validating columns.


InfoMaker drives intelligent business decision-making by giving business users control over the data. Users can readily group, filter, sort, and export data after reports have been designed. Drill-down capabilities provide granular details, putting relevant data at the users’ fingertips. And reports can be saved in various formats for distribution to others, including PDF, HTML, XLSX, XML, CSV, and more.


InfoMaker seamlessly connects to various data sources, including relational databases, formatted files, and plain text. It supports ADO.NET, ODBC, and native database interfaces to data sources. And if you’re a PowerBuilder user, InfoMaker is a valuable add-on for your app users. It leverages existing DataWindows and provides app users the ability to create custom reports without modifying your source code.

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